Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Four New Deftones Patches

We have four new styles of Deftones iron-on patches now available. Ace of Spades as shown, plus Eagle, Converse Sneaker and Tiger styles. Each is embroidered and a brand new licensed product. Get yours today at Concert Shoppe!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Facts About Rock Band Posters

The internet is full of sites that offer a variety of rock and roll memorabilia. Whether you are a teenager or collector, rock band posters are a great gift and have a special place in music history. Some of these items are highly valued among rock band enthusiasts.

Rock and roll has always had a unique effect on people. While rock bands are usually geared towards teens, those teenagers do eventually grow into adults who still love rock music. There are many items available for people to show support of their favorite artists. These items include rock band posters, t-shirts, flags, and many other items.

Reprints of these posters can be found everywhere and for a few dollars each. These are perfect for wall decorations for kids and adults. These are very common even if you are looking for bands or artists that are no longer around such as Michael Jackson or the newest artists of today.

These posters also have value as original works of art and are far more for collectors. These should always be well taken care of and treated as art rather than a poster. They may not be suitable for most teenagers and can cost several hundred dollars each. A true lover of rock and roll will be able to truly appreciate these and if they are a lover of art then so much the better.

Posters and other forms of music memorabilia were first made for advertisement purposes but they have become an icon of sorts for today's popular rock culture. Seeing a poster of one of your favorite rock bands from years gone by can give you a certain sense of nostalgia like nothing else can.

Whether you are buying these as simple decoration of for collectors purposes they are a great gift idea for any rock and roll fan. Rock band posters can be wonderful for the young and old alike.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Iron Maiden "Live after Death" Poster Flags - Back in Stock!

As of November 1, 2009, this fabric poster flag from the ever popular british heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, is back in stock at Concert Shoppe. It is 100% polyester and measures 30" by 40". It will look great in your bedroom or dorm room!